My New Airsoft Gun

hi guys

check out the new airsoft gun i just picked up! it’s an ICS AK47 that shoots over 500rds per minute! airsoftlegend is definitely the best place ever to buy airsoft guns imo.

durability, coolness and portability all get a 10/10, except for maybe the portability. it’s kinda heavy but i dont think it gets much better.

My New Tactical Knife

Hey guys,

Just picked up a new knife from a store called Unlimited Wares. I’d strongly recommend you guys check it out too. It’s called a Tac Force Knife, and it’s way cool.

tac force stiletto

Durability 6/10

It feels a little flimsy, and there’s some blade play. I can’t say it’s the highest quality knife I’ve used.

Coolness 10/10

Doesn’t get much better than this. It looks really sleek and the finish is nice.

Portability 8/10

A little heavy, but a solid size nonetheless.

A solid pick up! Check out your local laws about this knife!

Sport Clothes Launched!

Hi there! is here to review various airsoft tactical gear, and clothes from other sports as well. Tune in later for more content!